The Heart of the Community

The Bo’ness Recreation Centre The local community centre boasts an impressive gym, and a 25-meter 6-lane swimming pool with access for people with disabilities and is also home to the local scuba diving club. Additionally, it features two outdoor football pitches, a rugby pitch hosting the local rugby club, a sports hall, a squash court, … Read more

The Unusual Case of Publishing a Book

Once upon a time, a girl named Wilma Mayhem was chatting with her friend, Princess Twinkle Toes. She boldly told her that one day she was going to publish a book. The Princess laughed and told Wilma she believed she would achieve this goal one day.Wilma thought that was a foolish thing to say, with … Read more

Being Dyslexic

Dyslexic Wake Up Call Assessed in the early 80s as a dyslexic due to my parents moving to a rural area with a small school. 2 Teachers, 24 Pupils and 1 Classroom, “I mean small.” One teacher noticed my learning difficulties and a child psychologist confirmed dyslexia. This, of course, didn’t mean much to me … Read more

Burn the Witch

Raise the Alarm Burn the Witch! The alarm clock goes off!However, even the most normal person doesn’t want to get up and go to work! I would rather win the lottery, put my rucksack on and tour the world. Unfortunately, I have a house to run. So, bills to pay, go out and do fun … Read more

Werdo Rise Of The Geek

Admin Tech Geek So, I work in administration not my wisest choice, but I wanted to get into the world of computers. OMG, you’re a geek! People do not understand what joy it gives me to work out on how to learn all these new things in the world of tech. I have friends who … Read more

Positive Wonder Woman

PositiveThinking I am a naturally positive person however should this change in the workplace? Of course, it shouldn’t change things. Furthermore, I have read articles about workplaces looking at neurodivergent thinkers as positive. See how successful people such as Whoopi Goldberg are. “How can I improve things not only for myself but help others who are in similar situations.” … Read more