Werdo Rise Of The Geek

Admin Tech Geek

So, I work in administration not my wisest choice, but I wanted to get into the world of computers. OMG, you’re a geek! People do not understand what joy it gives me to work out on how to learn all these new things in the world of tech. I have friends who are techies and friends who are computer-phobic.

Excel Yourself

I am nowhere near knowing everything. An investment made, excel for dummies. Looking at all the lovely diagrams thinking how do you do that? I have forgotten all the easy steps written down to get to the lovely diagram. People showing me how to do things so much easier. But when I go and practice on my laptop to get it right! Nobody can see the frustration. Feeling stupid trying to learn something that looks so simple.

Wonder Geek

People now look at me in wonder and say I cannot do that! I say of course you can it’s simple and try and show them an easy way to do something. I tell the company I work for all the amazing tech which is now on the market. Signed myself up on a tech course with Call Scotland to learn more.

Something New

I am one of the few people excited about our company moving to Windows 10. And seeing the amazing things I will be able to do which will help my dyslexia.
I do not care that people think I am weird and crazy due to the fact I have a different font. I even have a yellow screen to help see my words better. People are always asking why I have different coloured pens when note-taking. It’s so I can organise my workload with colour coding “Traffic Lights System“.

Eh Aye

We are moving so fast with tech and a world with AI is not far away. It might be not able to help with everyone’s favourite word now micromanagement. YUK YUK but it helps me in so many fantastic ways and shows me an exciting world in which I can learn.