Positive Wonder Woman


I am a naturally positive person however should this change in the workplace? Of course, it shouldn’t change things. Furthermore, I have read articles about workplaces looking at neurodivergent thinkers as positive. See how successful people such as Whoopi Goldberg are.

“How can I improve things not only for myself but help others who are in similar situations.”

Positive Help

Dyslexia Scotland has been a marvel with helping me look at things in a different way.

Simple things such as:

  • Colour coding added to things to indicate priority.
  • Shortcuts applied to a computer desktop making things easier to find.
  • Improve the font you use.
  • Background colours changed.
  • Increase of screen resolution.
  • Use of the phone for certain situations.

Did you know Dyslexic people sometimes improve by wearing special glasses or using a screen for their computer.

Visual Stress

Positive Actions

When talking to management in general about dyslexia they come across positive.The message is slowly getting through. People are therefore beginning to see what dyslexia is.

Understanding is not quite where I would like it to be, but they see people are working and things can improve. Upon asking managers how can things be improved for dyslexic people? The answer is always the same that is a good question! Let me think about that! I am still waiting for an answer. In my case, I have told my manager that dyslexia is a gift. While this could be true you could tell by the total look of bewilderment he thinks I am crazy and need help.

I am positive asking HR and higher management now, about recruitment and government papers about Disability Confident.

“How they are going to support the neurodivergent thinkers like myself in work?”

Disability Confident

I will wear my wonder women outfit and keep you all informed about how things are going forward in a positive way.