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Wilma Mayhem

Wilma started as a blogger at the end of 2019 after leaving her long-term employment, due to discrimination and lack of understanding of dyslexia. She wrote about all the positives that come along with being dyslexia such as big-picture thinking. She joined the Open University and started towards a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. She developed the Pesky OU student and blogged about the benefits of assistive technology such as OrCam technology and Claro writing helper which were aiding her through her course. As she started her second year of studying people started to get in touch with her claiming to be international artists.

As a social scientist, she talked to these people and discovered the scams which were going on and added this to her blog to warn people of what was happening online. A short time later her hosting provider changed settings and her blog became broken. She decided to keep a record of the conversations which she had been having with the people claiming to be international artists and turn them into short stories for people to know how some scams happen online.

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